Last minute tips about filing your taxes from IRS

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You can file for an extension, gives 6 more months

Friday, April 11, 2014 - 11:33am

We're getting down to the wire to get your taxes filed, and with April 15 days away the IRS sees common mistakes people are making while filing their taxes.  The IRS wants to remind the public to take their time while filing, to avoid common mistakes they see often from people that are in a rush.  The most common mistakes they see are people mixing up the digits to their social security numbers, as well as when opting for a direct deposit mixing up their account information, which can put your tax return into someone else's bank account.

"If you don't file your taxes you will get hit with a tax bill, but one thing that's important to know is you can file an extension.  It's a very short, easy form," says Lea Crusberg, IRS spokesperson.

The extension form is 4868 and you can download it from  The extension will give you six more months, until October 15, to get your tax paperwork filed.


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