Lafayette Prepares for Flooding Around City

KADN Staff
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 2:27pm

With constant rain all across Lafayette today many have begun to worry about a problem that plagues most who live in Southern Louisiana, flooding. With no seeming break in the rains, residents began making their way to sand bag stations that have been set up around Lafayette to help prevent water from getting into homes.

Lafayette's Chief Development Officer David Blanchard says the city has taken necessary precautions to ensure both the city and it's residents are prepared for any type of flooding that may take place. 

"We made the decision to put sand out in two locations, North barn which is generally off University and South Barn which is down near Youngsville. We decided to do that to let folks who have a worry or concern to go ahead and get out there to bag their sand and get ready." said Blanchard.

"We try to ask folks to remain patient. The water will eventually drain out. It will take some time but eventually everything will be back to normal. If you don't need to be out and about, it's probably safer for you and everyone else to just stay dry and stay inside."

Information on road closures and any other important information taking place around Lafayette during these storms can be found at Blanchard also says that being able to track all of the flooding at a moment's notice is hard for officials to stay on top of so he asks for all of those who see flooding that may put someone in immediate danger to call their local law enforcement. 


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