Lafayette Church reeling back after fire

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 8:22pm

The Parish Of Our Lady Queen Of Peace places the cap on the bell tower today.

To our Lady Queen Of Peace the capping of the bell tower means the worldtragedy struck this congregation on April Sixteenth 2010 when the church balcony caught on fire burning the church so that all that was left was its roof and walls.

Father Davis: We have had to have all our masses in different churches for funerals and weddings and other ceremonies it has just been very difficult to find places to worship  with such an incredible life giving community.
Father Davis says at the initial start of this process the congregation felt hurt and discouragement but as it went on they have seen this as an opportunity to grow stronger.
Father Davis: "We're so grateful to all who have supported our efforts to lift up our hearts and rebuild our home"
Britanny Bodden: "Not only is this meaningful for the priest but also the parishioners that have stuck through this renovation for the past three years"
Trustee Peter Broussard parishioner: "I was here when the fire started and I know for me it was not a good feeling belonging to the church for 34 years"
Peter Broussard went on to talk about the reaction from the congregation during the three years of renovation they have endured.
Trustee peter broussard:

"The folks here have been good they have been brave they have survived three summers in the gym at Truman"
That gym has no air conditioning during the hot summers of worship but Peter Broussard put it best when he talked about the ending stretch of the long road the church has had to face.
Peter Broussard:
"We thank the school board for letting us do that but its gonna be nothing like coming home."

The congregation is trying to raise an additional $250,000  before this Christmas to help reduce their debt and accepts and appreciates any help if you would like to make a donation to the church the best way to go about it is to call the office at Queen of Peace or mail a donation to 145 Martin Luther King Jr Drive Lafayette Louisiana


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