Jindal group to release Obamacare report

Photo from Office of Gov. Bobby Jindal
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 8:00am

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is taking a next step forward in his efforts to do away with Obamacare - and closer to 2016 - all while helping fellow Republicans along the way.

CNN has learned Jindal's non-profit group America Next will distribute to members of Congress and select congressional campaigns on Tuesday an analysis of the healthcare law's effect on rising premiums - campaign ammo for GOP candidates and incumbents ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

The 26-page replacement proposal for the law, announced in April, further frames Jindal as the go-to policy guy in a field of potential GOP candidates as he weighs whether to launch a presidential bid in 2016.

Rally cries from the right to repeal Obama are nothing new. And nor are Democrats' rebuttal that Republican complaints offer little by the way of a substantive alternative to President Barack Obama's sweeping healthcare initiative.

But now, backers of the Louisiana Republican say, the GOP has something to point to.

"Gov. Jindal's plan is the only real and comprehensive replacement plan that exists. Anywhere," Jindal supporters told CNN.

"There are bills that do some things, there is analysis of (Obamacare), there are treatises on health care. But this is the only comprehensive conservative replacement plan."

The supporters said other GOP ideas to redo the healthcare law don't address the real issue with President Barack Obama's sweeping initiative.

"Gov. Jindal had the courage others lack - his plan goes at the real problem - which is cost not coverage," they said.

"Other Republicans are afraid of making this point. Any and all attempts to replace Obamacare with a plan to provide universal coverage will have a big problem - math."

National Democrats were quick to criticize the two-term Louisiana governor's efforts in his own state.

"Under Governor Jindal's failed leadership Louisiana ranks 48th in overall health. Whatever advice the Governor has to improve our nation's health care shouldn't just be taken with a grain of salt - it should be ignored by anyone who is serious about expanding insurance to more Americans," Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Michael Czin told CNN.

"And while Governor Jindal ignores his own failed record, the fact is Obamacare is working: Americans like their coverage, the uninsured rate is dropping and health care costs are rising at the lowest rates in recent memory," Czin added.


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