Hurricane Sandy could be spookiest storm yet

Friday, October 26, 2012 - 3:14pm

Hurricane Sandy kicked up waves and dumped rain on South Florida beaches Friday, while neighbors to the north kept a wary watch.
The nation's forecasters say Sandy has potential to be an ugly halloween week surprise for millions from North Carolina up to New England.
"We expect to refine the storm track as we get closer and closer to the event, but given the fact that this is such a large storm we expect there to be significant impacts with respect to the wind and potential for surge as this storm approaches the coast."

 Still a spooky mystery where the storm will hit, with how much force, and will it meet up with a cold front to create a powerful, chilly superstorm at a tricky time of year.
"This is the worst timing for a storm. you have fall and there is a lot of loose branches. So the storm itself will be bad. But I worry about the aftermath. People being caught without power."
"We have the plywood ready, we have the sandbags ready."
Sandy's potential targets range from the nation's capitol up to Massachusetts, where preparations were underway Friday, even with the storm well south."
"It is not entirely predictable, but the things that we learned from, the things that we observed from the last two storms, should be lessons that we are planning again."
The storm is already impacting on the Presidential race as it enters its final days. The forecast prompted Mitt Romney to cancel a Sunday night rally in Virgina Beach.


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