Hotline open for dialysis patients impacted by Hurricane Isaac

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 11:52am

As Hurricane Isaac threatens southern Louisiana, dialysis patients are particularly vulnerable because they typically need treatment every two to three days, and any substantial delay can be life threatening. Could you help us get preparedness tips out to dialysis patients, by running the following information on air and/or on your website?

ALERT: Dialysis patients impacted by Hurricane Isaac should call 1-800-626-1297 to find the nearest open dialysis clinic to schedule their treatments.

Fresenius Medical Care, the nation’s leading network of dialysis facilities, offers the following disaster preparedness tips for dialysis patients:

Keep your emergency phone numbers handy. When bad weather threatens, contact your local facility and follow instructions they may provide. In a disaster, Fresenius Medical Care offers a patient hotline at 1-800-626-1297 for patients who need help finding the nearest open dialysis facility. The hotline is staffed by customer service specialists who can provide locations and contact numbers for alternate facilities, if necessary.
Carry your up-to-date personal information with you at all times (ID, medication and allergy lists, insurance, emergency contact information, type of dialysis treatment).
Talk to your doctor and family about your evacuation plan — what you should do and where you should go if a disaster strikes. Keep track of local weather forecasts.
Create an Emergency Kit with emergency supplies and at least one extra three-day supply of medicines. Many patients find it convenient to keep medicines and medical supplies in an easy-to-carry fanny pack or backpack.
Store a three-day supply of food based on your emergency meal plan. Speak with your healthcare team about when to begin following your emergency plan. Limit fluid intake to two cups per 24 hours and avoid fresh fruit and vegetables. Periodically check expiration dates of food items in the kit and replace when needed.
Note: Anyone who needs dialysis, whether or not they are a Fresenius Medical Care patient, can call 1-800-626-1297 to find the nearest open clinic. For more information on preparing for a disaster, visit and click on “Be Prepared.”


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