Hot wings up for superbowl weekend

Wings gone up 26 cents from last year

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 3:29pm

The National Chicken Council projects that Americans will consume 1.23 billion chicken wings this superbowl weekend. 

"It's a good time to eat.  I mean, we have people that do come in, they'll order wings first quarter.  They'll eat through them, second quarter, you know it's not odd for us to have one table ordering four or five orders of wings," says Mark Hutchinson, owner of Petes.

But the real story is not how many wings will be consumed, but how much they will cost.  According to the Department of Agriculture wholesale wings currently cost $2.11 per pound, up 26 cents from last year.  The general manager of Hooters in Lafayette says they have had to increase prices two times in the past year in a half.

"The prices definitely haven't hurt the business at all.  People understand I guess in the public that prices have gone up and with that we have to raise our prices," says Brett Hutchinson, General Manager of Hooters in Lafayette.

Chicken wing prices will be the most expensive during this superbowl, and you may ask why.  Blame the weather.  Last summer's drought devastated corn crops, which in turn made it more expensive to feed livestock.  Lafayette's restaurants are still anticipating high numbers in chicken wing sells.

"Sells during superbowl, they're good.  Of course it's tremendously because everybody wants chicken wings you know," says Hutchinson.

The council also says that we can expect prices to stay high even beyond the peak wing-demand season of the NFL playoffs. 


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