Homeless struggle to survive during the holidays

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 1:00pm

Shorty and his six year old son just became homeless. This is after they were thrown out onto the street by his parents on Friday.

"No family, no nothing," says Shorty.

She's not alone. Her best friend Sarah Wright hasn't had a place to live for more than a year. The 22 year old was caught shoplifting food to feed her two and three year old kids, went to jail and lost her job.

"I never intended to just steal anything, but my children were hungry, so I tried to snatch a pack of pork chops," states Wright.

But she says her downward spiral began long before that.

"Both of my parents have been dead. It's been real hard for me ever since my parents died," says Wright.

These are stories Michael Acaldo has heard more often lately. He's the Executive Director of Saint Vincent de Paul homeless shelter. This year he's expecting to have to serve a record 240,000 meals at the shelter.

"It's tough. We are seeing more people who are homeless,” says Acaldo.

Both Shorty and Sarah Wright are staying at homeless shelters for now. And they know the only way they're going to survive is by sticking together.

"We keep each other laughing. We keep each other’s spirits up. We pray together and we just try to keep each other strong. We try to keep our heads up, but it's real hard," says Wright.


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