Governor Jindal signs 75 new bills into law

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Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 6:57pm

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2013 Regular Legislative Session to 75.


HB 9 by Rep. P. Williams: Increases the jurisdictional amount in dispute in the City Court of Shreveport.

HB 16 by Rep. Dixon: Provides transfer of certain state property in Rapides Parish to the city of Pineville.

HB 37 by Rep. N. Landry: Requires promulgation of actuarial assumptions by the board of trustees for the Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System.

HB 38 by Rep. Greene: Relates to employee contributions in the Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System.

HB 69 by Rep. Brossett: Relates to property tax assessment in Orleans Parish.

HB 107 by Rep. Badon: Changes the boundaries of the McKendall Estates Neighborhood Improvement District in Orleans Parish.

HB 159 by Rep. T. Landry: Creates a prestige license plate for the March of Dimes.

HB 176 by Rep. Ritchie: Relates relative to withdrawals from cemetery merchandise trust funds.

HB 192 by Rep. Edwards: Provides for the continuous revision of the Code of Civil Procedure.

HB 216 by Rep. Shadoin: Relates to the abilities of the Patient's Compensation Fund Oversight Board.

HB 218 by Rep. Norton: Allows operators of certain autocycles to obtain regular driver’s licenses.

HB 239 by Rep. Shadoin: Designates a portion of Highway 33 in Union Parish as the "James Peyton Smith Bridge."

HB 261 by Rep. Hazel: Relates to the term of imprisonment concerning prostitution.

HB 265 by Rep. Ivey: Provides for lifetime concealed handgun permits.

HB 291 by Rep. Price: Changes composition and requirements relative to Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunity.


SB 39 by Sen. Long: Relates to nonexclusive geophysical permits.

SB 43 by Sen. White: Technical revision relative to the crime of manufacture and possession of a bomb.

SB 81 by Sen. Peacock: Relates to registration requirement for home improvement contractors.

SB 136 by Sen. Chabert: Relates to dealer charge back for rebate paid for certain unauthorized acts.

SB 147 by Sen. Erdey: Prohibits any device from being used to access, read, or post to a social networking site while operating a motor vehicle.

SB 161 by Sen. Chabert: Clarifies annual limit on certain work performed by a public entity with its own employees and resources.

SB 190 by Sen. Gallot: Clarifies the transfer of items and accounts at banks, credit unions, and mutual associations when the account holder is deceased.

SB 237 by Sen. Peterson: Relates to BioDistrict New Orleans Board subdistricts and boundaries.


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