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Gear Up students and their families taught importance of financial literacy

Being financially literate before going to college

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 10:12am

Keynote speaker Rachel Cruze shared her message with the students of handling money with wisdom, which is an all-too-important skill to have in this day and age.  Financial literacy is increasingly important for the survival and success of our community.

"There is a way to be a student without a student loan.  The big things are to go to a school that you can afford, which means you'll stay in state or maybe go to a community college, apply for scholarships and grants, and work.  You can still work and be in school and pay your way through," says Rachel Cruze, speaker/writer for Dave Ramsey Organization.

Research has shown if a college student works twenty hours a week they can pay the way through an in-state school.  The goal of the event was to improve the financial literacy of parents and begin awareness in students.


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