Gary P. Williams announces candidacy for Youngsville Chief of Police

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 10:13am

Gary P. Williams, a life long resident of Youngsville, announced his candidacy for the Office of Chief of Police for the City of Youngsville.

“It has been my life long ambition to serve as Chief of Police for my hometown and I have always said when the current Chief of Police retired, I would run for the position” said Williams.

“The current chief announced during his 2010 campaign that he wanted one last term. He indicated that in 2014, he would be 69 years old, served 28 years and would then retire. I made the decision that I would be a candidate for Chief of Police in the 2014 election,” Williams said.

Williams is a graduate of the 6th Carencro/Scott Police Reserve Academy and the 75th Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy. He is a past member of the Youngsville Police Reserves and a former Youngsville Police Officer. Williams is employed in the oil field trucking industry, serving in both administrative and operator/owner capacities since 1998.

“Issues within the police department I would immediately address include: officers’ pay, morale, training, retention, professionalism and work ethic The current chief, in response to questions from the city council about the work performance of his department, replied he had lazy officers. Laziness and the lack of professionalism should not and would not be tolerated in my administration,” said Williams.

“In my opinion, the current chief has failed in his role as a leader of the department. As one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Louisiana, the voters of Youngsville deserve better. They deserve a police department that is well organized, properly staffed and employs the best trained and compensated officers in law enforcement. Unfortunately that is not the current situation,” said Williams.  


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