Drunk woman claims attacker, later admits it happened while slashing someone’s tires

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 11:15am

An intoxicated woman ended up at the Acadian Medical Center with cuts to her hand after she claimed she had been attacked. She later admitted to police that the cuts actually happened when she slashed the tires of another woman’s car.

“She told emergency room staff that she got the cuts when she was fighting off a man who was trying to attack her with a knife,” Sgt. Vardon Guillory, Eunice Police Department, explained. “The hospital called it in to police believing it to be an assault. They are required to do so with that type of case. When the officer interviewed the woman, she changed her story nine times.”

At the same time the investigating officer were questioning the woman, Leann Ness, officers were called to another case where a woman’s car had been vandalized. The tires were slashed and there were dents caused by blows from a hammer.

“There were blood splatters all over all four of the tires as well as on the hammer,” Guillory noted.

Investigating officers linked the two cases and questioned Ness, who then admitted her involvement.

“Ness later admitted that she had done the damage to the truck,” Guillory said. “She said she was mad at the owner of the truck because she had left her at the bar the two had been at that night.”

It was then revealed that the cuts Ness sustained were actually caused by her own knife she had used to slash the tires.

Ness was placed under arrest for Criminal Damage to Property. When officers attempted to cuff Ness she reportedly became combative. An additional charge of Resisting an Officer was issued.


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