Deserving family receives Habitat House

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 5:23pm

Mother of four Kiesha Powell is about to be a first time home owner.

Kiesha Powell: "Putting my windows in I was like I got windows"

She's spent the past six weeks along side volunteers from Exxon Mobil and Habitat for Humanity building her new home from the ground up.

"I realize sweat equity really means sweat but I kind of built my own house which is a fun exprienece."

Kiesha Powell "It's very important since they are a neighbor in this community people want to see the people who work there and want to know them. "

Exxonmobil volunteer Lekiesha Tatman's family lives nearby, she says it's doesn't matter if she has to sweep or paint she's proud to be apart of revitalizing the Scotlandville Community.

(Lekiesha Tatman Exxonmobil worker)

Lekiesha Tatman: "To also know that this home is going to somebody that is deserving is really what drives me to come out."

Lekiesha Tatman: "I can't wait it's my colors i picked everything out I picked my shutters I can't wait I can't wait to see it all come together. "

Kris Kusanza "standup: "Powell says she is a little nervous about owning her own home but her kids are helping her through it even wanting to take on a little extra responsiblity. "

Kiesha Powell: "My twins are already like oh we are going to cut the grass. I was like baby we aren't going to have real grass just yet, but ok."

Powell says she's proud to join the ranks of 26 other Habitat home owners in her neighborhood

"Mothers that worked just as hard as me so they appreciate what they did for their houses. they are not going to just let the community go down. "
This is the ninth Habitat house built by Exxonmobil in Baton Rouge. the Powell's are scheduled to move in to their new home in December.


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