Congressman Boustany against militray action in Syria

Photo by KADN staff

Says it will not help the country in the long run; afraid of retaliation

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 3:11pm

Congressman Charles Boustany is speaking out about the situation in Syria.  He is on his way to Washington deeply skeptical that military action from the US is the answer, although chemical weapons used against innocents goes against a treaty most countries have signed.

"To secure chemical weapon sites, you actually need boots on the ground and we're not going to do that.  We're not going to put American troops in the middle of a civil war in Syria.  That's just, that would be a huge mistake," says Congressman Boustany.

The congressman is on his way to Washington for the congressional session that starts next week, and plans to ask the president's administration many questions on why the president feels this action is necessary.  Congress will end up voting on whether to tkae military action or not.  Right now, the only country supporting US action is France.


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