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Cold front brings airline delays

Photo by KADN staff

Effecting airports, possibly locally

Friday, December 6, 2013 - 2:44pm

This weather front has finally hit our area, and it's effecting more than the temperature.  Flight cancellations have been rampant in certain parts of the south, Dallas for sure.  As the front pulls through more can be expected.  Our local Lafayette Regional Airport is prepared for the impact, and is asking all those traveling to contact the airline you are flying to get specific information about your flight plan and if it will be impacted.

"It's unfortunate, we don't control the weather.  All we can do is deal with the conditions that are presented to us and to try to make sure that we operate safely, and that's the key for both the airlines and the airport," says Greg Roberts, director of aviation at Lafayette Regional Airport.

Roberts also suggests to those flying to follow through with your entire trip.  Flights have the possibility to be okay here, but not at your destination.  Because of those delays Lafayette Regional Airport is expecting some impacts on flight cancellations.


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