City-Parish President Joey Durel taking step back in forming Blue-Ribbon Committee

Complicated, complex government hard for community to understand

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 3:26pm

City-Parish President Joey Durel's idea of creating a blue-ribbon committee consisting of highly-respected, educated professionals in Lafayette was for the committee to act as a third party.  The committee was to look at the government's finances and needs along with the needs of the community, and formulate plans on how to fix problems we are currently facing.  Mayor Durel held a meeting with with a group of trusted and well-respected professionals to get their opinion about this committee and how it should work, and the group walked away with one thought--This is very complicated.

"At this stage right now, I guess I'm still uncertain as to whether to go forward with it, [blue-ribbon committee] how to go about doing it.  I think it's critically important that somehow, somebody find a way to take a good hard look at this government with a somewhat skeptical eye, but really look at the facts," says City-Parish President Joey Durel, Lafayette Consolidated Government.

Mayor Durel says Lafayette has one of the most complicated and complex local governments because it is the only government that runs a large utility system, and it is also somewhat practicing consolidation with city government and parish government with the same group of people making all of the decisions.  Durel says there are many grey areas because of that and money is sometimes improperly crossed over that should not be.  He says he will meet with the same group of people again after they have gone over information about the government's budget, and listen to their recommendations on where to go from here.  He says it may not be "the blue-ribbon committee," but there will be a third party group to look over the current situation sometime in the near future.


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