City-Parish President Joey Durel says raising sales taxes is not solution to bringing in more government revenue

Solution to bringing in more revenue is "Blue-Ribbon Committee"

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 3:15pm

A major issue Lafayette Consolidated Government is always facing is the city budget and how to bring in more revenue.  Newly elected Chairman of the city council Brandon Shelvin has mentioned to Fox 15 that he wants to add more to sales tax to bring in more revenue for the city, but City-Parish President Joey Durel says raising sales taxes only is not a permanent solution.

"The sales tax side of things..we have two pennies that we have here in Lafayette.  We get to only use thirty-five percent of those sales taxes for operational expenses, you know for administration expenses.  All the rest of that money by law must go to capital improvements," says Mayor Durel.

Mayor Durel says that his solution involves forming a Blue-Ribbon Committee.  Taking multiple concerned and skeptical residents of the community to look over the budget and it's spending and from that knowledge form a solution.


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