Celebrate Farmers Market Week In Lafayette

KADN Staff
Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 5:08pm

This week across the United States has been declared "National Farmers Market Week" now through this Saturday, August 9th. Almost every town has a farmers market or roadside stand, some communites have many markets to buy their fresh fruits and other products. Lafayette has several, including the popular Hub City - Oil Center Farmer's Market.

There are more & more health conscience folks who buy fresh, Louisiana grown fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products plus other local items but we wanted to know first hand, why someone should shop at local farmer's market's?

I think it's real important that you get to meet the person that grows your produce, your meat, your vegetables, or jelly like we do. We grow our products here locally so you know where your food is coming from. Most of it is organic. What I have heard from economist is a dollar spent in the community recirculates the community four and a half times." said Jack Deshotels of Louisiana Sweet.

"We do the farmers market because we think it is important to have a local source for healthy fresh foods. All of our stuff is raised without chemicals, so we enjoy providing a healthy clean source of food." said Charles Thompson of Market Basket Youngsville.

"I like to support local businesses. I like the fresh produces compared to produce I purchase in the store." said Judy B. Wade of Lafayette.

Again, the Acadiana area has many local farmer's market locations to choose from in every town of the area. So, support farm families in your area and you'll find produce in season that's fresher than anywhere else and the money stays in the area while you are eating healthy foods....And happy National Farmers Market Week...This week! 


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