Brandon Levier, band teacher at Arnaudville Middle, now being investigated for showing R-Rated movies in the classroom

Parents outrage over one band teacher's actions in the classroom fueling ongoing investigation in St. Landry Parish

Monday, January 14, 2013 - 4:57pm

This investigation began when parents were informed by fellow teachers that Brandon Levier, the band teacher at Arnaudville Middle School, has been showing R-Rated movies in his classroom.  The students were instructed not to tell their parents.

"Ones that I know of were Ted, which is rated R, Hangover, which is rated R, Horrible Bosses, which is rated R, Think Like a Man, which is PG-13, but is still labeled very offensive," says one very concerned parent of a student in Levier's classroom.

Once this mother heard of the movies that her child had been exposed to she logged onto, which is a website that informs parents about certain movies your children should or should not see.  She was not expecting to see all of these movies rated "Very Offensive" by the website.

"Outraged, that's not something you expect your twelve year old child to come home and tell you they see at school," says the parent.

In her outrage, this parent sat down with the principal of Arnaudville Middle, Elsie Semien, leaving with the impression that Levier would be let go.  She also contacted Superintendent Joseph Cassimere about her concerns.

"The Monday that they got back from the holiday break I had a note sent home with him stating that they watched movies that were not appropriate for school.  They didn't list the movies that were there, they just said not appropriate for school, and that he had a five day absence and that he would be returning the next day, the Tuesday at school," says the mother.

Multiple parents infuriated by this decision contacted local authorities.

"If he thinks that it's okay to watch things on television, the drug use, the sexual things that were going on, nudity, you know profanity, they had bullying.  All these things, if it's okay to watch that with these children what else is okay," said the parent.

Elsie Semien, the principal at Arnaudville Middle, would not sit down for an interview, but did make a statement saying, "As soon as I was made aware of this problem I contacted Central Office, and have done what they told me to do."  Superintendent Joseph Cassimere was not able to be reached.  Concerned parents like the one we spoke to feel that a five day suspension is not sufficient punishment enough, and that Brandon Levier needs to be permanently removed from the school system.


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