Bill proposes TOPS scholarships to be available to international students

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 12:22pm

Graduates from outside the country could soon be able to take advantage of TOPS scholarships.

The House Education Committee looked over the bill on Thursday, April 11. If passed, the law would allow students from other countries to get TOPS funding if they have a parent paying taxes in Louisiana.

Some lawmakers worry the bill will only apply to too few students.

“If it's just for one person, it's a special favor being done for somebody. I don't think that we should have something like that in statute. I really don't,” said Representative Patty Smith. “I think they should be given the same opportunity that other students have been given across the state if they went to school here, their parents live here, pay taxes. I think they should be afforded the same opportunity."

Lawmakers weren't ready to move the bill; when they get more information, they'll look at it again.


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