Apollo Theater is coming to Acadiana

New production "James Brown: Get on the Good Foot A Celebration in Dance" partnering with city of Lafayette

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 5:00pm

The Apollo Theater is coming to Acadiana.  They're launching a new production "James Brown:  Get on the Good Foot A Celebration in Dance" and it's definitely a reason to celebrate.

"It's not something you can put tangible dollars, you can't measure it that easily but it brings a credibility to everything we're trying to accomplish here in Lafayette in the entertainment industry," says City-Parish President Joey Durel.

In October six choreographers from around the world, fifteen dancers, lighting and production designers and music professionals will get to work here in Lafayette.  A boost to area entertainment, and the area economy.

"They're going to be staying at our hotels.  We have twenty-five, thirty, forty people that will be staying at our hotels, eating at our restaurants, spending money at our stores when they have some down time," says City-Parish President Durel.

And up in New York plastered across one of the most photographed billboards, Apollo announced the new production in partnership with Lafayette.  This shows that we are being recognized for our artistry and culture here in south Louisiana as far away as in New York, and that New York, a very cultural center of our country, has recognized Lafayette as being a cultural center of Louisiana.  With interest in Louisiana's Live Entertainment Initiative the Apollo called up Jackie Lyle with the Performing Arts Society of Acadiana.  Now, she is the project coordinator.

"I think it's a great day not just for me, but for our community and everybody who values what we have here," says Jackie Lyle, project coordinator.

Lyle says James Brown is an international icon so there will be something for everyone when the curtain rises in the fall.


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