83 teaching positions to be eliminated in Lafayette Parish School System

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Only retirees and resignation positions will be eliminated, will help with school system's budget

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 2:42pm

The Lafayette Parish School System is now looking at elimination 83 teaching positions throughout the parish.  Over the past couple of years, schools have become over-staffed.  The school board policy has a certain pupil-teacher ratio which the system has surpassed which will allow the system to be within the board's policy.  This elimination will also save the board around $6 million a year to go toward the system's turnaround plan.

"We couldn't continue to add additional staff the way we were and stay solid as a school district.  I think it's going to help us financially, but the bigger issue is I think what teachers worry about and what parents worry about, is all the classes going to be over-crowded.  That is not the case.  They're going to be right where they need to be in terms of staffing, but the plus on it is we will have eliminated a lot of the over-age kids who were causing the discipline problems," says Dr. Pat Cooper, superintendent of Lafayette Parish School System.

Right now there are almost 900 kids that are three years older than the grade they are in, so during this elimination these kids will be placed in the proper campus with the proper cirriculum.  This will eliminate disciplinary problems for teachers, and help get these kids on track.  No teacher currently teaching has to worry about their position being eliminated.  The school board will strictly eliminate those retirees and resignation positions.  There are enough to fill all 83 positions.


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