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1,500 high school students attended UL's engineering and technology expo day

Photo by KADN staff

Providing opportunity for students to learn about the University's engineering program and careers available to graduates

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 4:17pm

Over 1,500 high school students from all over the state visited UL today for the eighth annual engineering and technology expo day.  Being a major research college in engineering and technology, it gave the University a chance to show off the assets of being a community technologist.

"A lot of high school students really don't know what an engineer or technologist does.  So they know they're good in math, someone will joke and say they drive a train, but really when they come here they see all the cool things that engineers and technologists do.  They talk to the engineering students, they talk to the thirty companies out here, and they leave here with understanding, like man, this is really cool stuff not just a bunch of math geeks.  They really do some cool things," says Mark Zappi, Dean of Engineering at UL.

Interesting projects the engineering department is doing now are making diesel fuel from algae, making artificial and human bone from crawfish shells, and helping make robotic boats for the Navy in the swiftships program.


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