Governor Jindal Working On Explanation Of New Plan To Make Louisiana Schools Better

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 11:37pm

With the start of the 2012 session just days away
Governor Jindal is working quickly to explain his plan on how to make Louisiana schools better.

“we do that first by empowering parents. secondly by empowering great teachers, putting a great teacher in every classroom, and third by cutting through the red tape in bureaucracy to give flexibility to our local schools or our local school systems.”

The governor's education reform plan also wants to give superintendents the power to decide if a teacher who isn't cutting it needs to go.

Lafayette 's superintendent doesn't necessarily agree with that.

“I'm not against anything that he's saying but having said that i think we can do right now everything that he wants done in terms of making sure there is a good teacher in every classroom or moving bad teachers and my relationship with my board is good on that.”

I mean i think they are trying to work with me to make sure that i get the people that i need."

Dr. Pat Cooper is one month into his new position he says he'll work with the Jindal Administration to improve Lafayette Parish schools.

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