Crowd Gathers To Protest And Prevent Cuts At University Medical Center

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 9:49pm

Today protestors gathered outside University Medical Center hoping to make a difference and stop cuts from happening there.

The save UMC group was at the corner of Bertrand and Congress holding sign's that asked motorists to honk if they wanted to stop cuts there.

The rally today attracted quite a bit of attention.

Even city parish president Joey Durel stopped by.

" she's the reason that i came here. you know? i've seen her outreach and outcry, you know, they needed support. so, i was able to get here today before the council meeting and i just wanted them to know that the city feels like what they're doing is very important. You know, the public can either cry out about it now, or they can cry about it late when we lose it, you know, when we lose some of the services that we have, but it's much more important to try to prevent some of those cuts than it is to try to fix them and fill those holes. "

UMC is part of the LSU health system's hospital network.

Linda Reddoch hopes to meet with LSU leaders to help them better understand the impact of the potential cuts to the hospital.

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