Family Pride

Melvin Fenroy had a front row seat to watch his brother’s dream come true

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - 6:33pm

Louisiana fans know all about Tyrell Fenroy on the football field. He’s the perfect combination of power and speed that kept opposing DB’s awake at night.

NFL scouts tried to catch a glimpse of Fenroy's Sun Belt greatness Tuesday morning at UL's Pro Timing Day. Eighteen NFL minds with clipboards critiqued his every sniff, wiggle and blink, trying to get an idea for who #32 really is.

But the man at those workouts who knows Fenroy better than anyone is the only guy Tyrell actually invited to watch him run...his older brother, Melvin Fenroy.

I caught up with Melvin to talk about how proud he is of his little brother and what he thinks is in Tyrell's future.

To see Tyrell's take on his NFL Pro Day, click here: