Cypremort Point Treasure Hunters

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 - 8:28pm

This team of excavators is digging to uncover something rumored to have been buried along Louisiana’s coast for centuries.

“I said tell them you’re digging for gold. I said they’re going to laugh and say ‘yea, yea sure tells us what you’re doing’ and we say ‘no we’re digging for gold.’ They just look at us like we’re crazy and drive off,” Mike Hulin said.

Mike Hulin is the man behind this massive treasure hunt. Several years ago while on a spiritual quest, Hulin says God, gave him the exact location of a pirate’s treasure.

“He says ‘you’re my treasure hunter.’ Just like that, and I was kind of freaked out. He says ‘beneath your mother’s kitchen’ That’s how he said it. He said ‘you will find a treasure.’ He said at 21 ft and 25 ft that I would find a trunk at each level, and that they weighed 3,000 pounds,” Hulin explained.

At this point you are probably questioning this man’s sanity, but actually, everything he’s envisioned, everything he’s predicted, has turned out to be true.

Hulin hired an excavator operator and when they got down to the predicted depth.

“Well it was like a deck that was set up down there, and that’s not common that you find something that deep down there. It really made us realize there’s a possibility that there’s something down there,” the excavator explains.

The object kept burying deeper, so they hired a company equipped with gradiometers.

“ We sunk the rod in and we got at about 48 feet from the road surface. We hit something really, really big,” Paige Melancon of Aqua Tech Services recalled.

But what it is, we won’t know until the team is able to excavate it.

“God takes the foolish things to confound the wise and that’s what this is. He’s just going to confound the wise,” Hulin said.