Casting Update For New Movie "Secretariat"

Friday, October 2, 2009 - 4:06pm

Filming is about to begin for the much anticipated Disney movie, "Secretariat".

Last week, over 5,000 hopefuls showed up at the Cajundome, hoping to land a part as an extra in the movie.

And casting officials say it was the largest turn out they had ever seen.

But now what?

In an unnamed location in Lafayette, the Bam Casting Company is working to sift through the 5,000 applications.

And casting directors say, they are hoping to use as many applicants as they possibly can.

"We received an amazing variety of people of all different shapes and sized and ethnic backgrounds, that we can absolutely use, hopefully in some way shape or form, throughout the 2 months filming," said Casting Director Brinkley Maginnis.

Casting directors say, they should start letting people know next week.

Filming for the movie will being on October 12.