Cajuns give back to the community

Some members of the UL football team spent the afternoon mentoring kids

Thursday, April 2, 2009 - 7:04pm

Seven Ragin' Cajuns football players spent this afternoon brightening some local children's day. Kids at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Lafayette got to spend the afternoon swapping stories, doing puzzles and comparing muscles with some of their heroes.

The kids at the MLK Center are a part of the Americorps Program...a non-profit that helps stress the importance of education to young people. A few weeks ago, Cajuns freshman Tory Day suggested the Cajuns get involved in some kind of community event to help out some area kids. Americorp came calling and the Cajuns jumped at the chance to represent their community.

The players passed out UL water bottles and signed autographs for the children. Linebacker Daylon McCoy helped with puzzles and Lineman Brad Bustle talked to some kids about their favorite teams. All of them said the Cajuns were their favorites.

The afternoon undoubtedly meant a lot to the kids in the program but the experience left a lasting impression on a few of the players as well. Senior Safety Phillip Nevels and Freshman Defensive Tackle Tory Day were among the Cajuns that helped make a difference in the lives of the MLK Center's kids and they talked about the impact they hoped to leave on the youngsters. To hear from them, click on the picture above.