Largest pumpkin breaks record

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 5:01pm

Farmers have grown the first ever 1 ton pumpkin 2,009 pounds, to be exact. Grower Ron Wallace jumped for joy and ended up in the arms of his fellow giant pumpkin growers at the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts. A one ton pumpkin is as rare as a 4-minute mile.
Back from 2006 when he last broke the record, Wallace named this pumpkin "The Freak 2" since it grew from a seed of "The Freak 1." The Freak 2 fared better than its progenitor, which unfortunately died on the vine last year at almost 1800 pounds.

The Freak 2 won a $5,500 prize plus a bonus: $10,000 for breaking the one ton mark. Wallace says growing giant pumpkins is addictive: "Put one of these in the ground and get hooked on 40 plus pounds a day for a few weeks at its peak growth... You'll never go back to growing [common] vegetables again."

It may be biggest pumpkin, but it wouldn't win a beauty contest. Instead of being orange and round, it looks like a gigantic glob of lumpy yellow fat. According to Wallace, "It's genetics. They grow at such a quick pace that they get distorted."

For now, The Freak 2 is the object of admiration behind glass at the Topsfield Fair. Eventually it will probably be carved into a incredible jack-o-lantern by top vegetable carver Ray Villafane.

The Freak 2's seeds could sell for anywhere three hundred to a thousand dollars per seed because of its value in breeding other gargantuans.

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