Lafayette And Broussard Fight To Keep Peace Over Water Dispute

Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 9:46pm

There is still no peace when it comes to Lafayette and Broussard when it comes to their water dispute.

Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel says Broussard's days are numbered when it comes to dropping the two lawsuits its filed.

Durel argues Broussard has been getting its water for free and now they need to pay up.

Broussard's mayor says he'll be open to talks to resolve this issue if Lafayatte refunds the five hundred seventy five thousand dollars it was forced to fork up.

Charles Long-Linay wouldn't talk to us but his spokeswoman explained his reasoning.

The Lafayette Broussard feud came to a head when last year it was discovered that a water meter had been bypassed allowing the city of Broussard to receive millons of gallons of water for free.

Broussard paid the bill under protest and now is seeking a large portion of that money back because they feel less overbilled them in Broussard at this time,

Joey Durel of Lafayette has not replied to the Langlinais counter offer of sitting down to settle the dispute. stay tuned.

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