The Heat' stars laugh off photoshop controversy

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 2:00am

 When Melissa McCarthy spotted her seemingly Photoshopped face on a promotional poster for her new comedy "The Heat," her first reaction was to laugh.

"I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen," McCarthy told CNN of the image, which sparked a controversy two weeks ago when it made the rounds online.

The poster shows McCarthy posing in character as a hilariously brusque police officer alongside her co-star, Sandra Bullock. The "Mike and Molly" star is still easily recognizable, but her face and neck appear to have been digitally thinned, making her head appear to be noticeably smaller.

"I find it really funny that it became a thing because first of all, it was not like an altering thing," McCarthy continued. "It was like 'Beetlejuice,' which I found hilarious. And then everybody was like, 'This is an outrage.' And I'm like, am I the only one who thinks it's the funniest thing?"

It's true that some were livid that McCarthy's photo appeared to have been manipulated, but the 42-year-old Emmy winner thinks it was more of an honest mistake.

"It was clearly, clearly a goof-up because it wasn't an altered image," McCarthy said. "You mix and match (heads and bodies) - which everybody does, (sometimes) there's a better body position and at some point that whole noggin got shrunk and put on. It wasn't like the original got sculpted, it was just smaller."

Like McCarthy, Bullock downplayed the drama, noting that "every single poster, magazine ad, photo, has been Photoshopped. ... You have no control over stuff, and sometimes things just go left field, but every single individual has been Photoshopped."


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