City of Broussard fires back at Lafayette, LUS

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 4:15pm

Statement sent to FOX15 News Lafayette from Broussard Mayor Charles Langilnais.

"LUS officials have made public statements in the past week concerning the "water dispute" litigation between the cities of Broussard and Lafayette which are inaccurate and misleading, and the city of Broussard believes that clarification is necessary.

The most serious implication in the recent LUS statements is that the city of Broussard somehow secretly installed some new connections between the Broussard and Lafayette water systems which would allow Broussard to take water out of the Lafayette system without Lafayette knowing about it. This statement is wrong, for several reasons.
First, the three connections are all entirely inside the City of Broussard system. Every connection between the Lafayette and Broussard systems is monitored by a water meter, so Lafayette can measure each month how much water Lafayette provides to Broussard.

The reason we are in the "water dispute" litigation is that, for reasons Broussard can't understand, when Lafayette employees read the meter from 2006 to 2011, none of them ever noticed that it wasn't showing any water passing through the line. But the three "new connections" are deep inside the Broussard system and they only connect one part of the Broussard system to another part of the Broussard system.

Second, and more importantly, the connections are not new: they're over 15 years old and all of them were already there when Broussard and Lafayette signed their current water contract in 1998. Some connections have been added since 1998, but Lafayette inspectors have supervised the installation of every "connection" between the two systems since the contract was signed in 1998.

Third, and even more importantly, the three 16 year old "new" connections were added as part of a large upgrade and extension of the Broussard system which Lafayette was fully aware of. To the best of our knowledge, we furnished a copy of the plans to Lafayette at that time. Lafayette was so aware of that upgrade that they told Broussard that Broussard could not provide any water through the upgraded system to Baker Hughes.

Now that you have this information, we hope you can understand why Broussard officials were surprised to see an LUS official pretend to be so shocked and indignant about the three allegedly "new" connections."


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