Acadian Ambulance's Leadership Forum

Keynote Speaker: John Nance

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 3:53pm

  John Nance was the keynote speaker at Acadian's Leadership Forum this morning.  Nance has an astounding resume full of different achievements including becoming a familiar face to North American television audiences as the Aviation Analyst for ABC World News and Good Morning America.  An original Dallas native, Nance is a lawyer, an air force and airline pilot, a prolific internationally-published author, national broadcaster, and professional speaker.

  Nance gave an extremely entertaining and informative presentation to the Acadian Ambulance audience about the keys of safety.  Out of all the subjects, Nance says the most important issue he addresses is fixing the miscommunication in the workplace and team.

  "I think the most important thing is how we fail in communication.  We really don't believe we're that bad--You can't just assume that when you give an order, make a statement, etcetera that everything is going to be understood, and that really is a key to safety."--John Nance

  The theme to Acadian's Leadership Forum today was "Wellness and Safety," so in light of that all members of the audience wore tennis shoes with their normal clothes to put a funny spin on today's important message.  Nance's presentation was extremely entertaining for the audience, and proved very informative.

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