Reported games for the week of
Friday, September 19 2014
  • Kaplan


    Westminster Christian


    09/18 - Kickoff @ 7PM
  • Acadiana


    Shades Valley, Alabama


    09/13 - Kickoff @ 7PM

An emotional debate is underway about how far is too far when it comes to disciplining children.

Most people these days lead very busy lives. That's one reason owners of a local funeral home decided to make saying your final goodbyes a little more convenient.

The parents of a woman killed during the Colorado theater shooting two years ago are suing four online retailers for negligence.

A Memphis man who went to police after he saw a severed head in man's backyard says it's an image he can't forget.

A group of scammers are using counterfeit checks from a Baton Rouge bank to prey on potential victims.

It all starts when a person responds to an ad looking for secret shoppers.

Out on the curb in front of a Port St. Lucie home on Penrose Avenue are pieces of car, shards of glass with dried blood and a broken bed frame. They are all reminders of a scary night for Allen Harral and his family.

It's 1 a.m. and your standing in the kitchen, no lights, just the glare of the refrigerator staring back at you. Your eyes are searching for the perfect combination to feed your addiction and all of a sudden, the pantry calls.

Canadian health officials have confirmed three cases of Enterovirus D68 in British Columbia. A fourth suspected case from a patient with severe respiratory illness is still under investigation.

California, a state synonymous for cars, has issued its first approvals to test self-driving cars.

Audi and Google have both received an autonomous driving permit from California.